Most dangerous computer Viruses

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Computer viruses are software applications that are written to spread into your system and corrupt the data by interfering in the normal computer operation. Viruses mostly find their way to your computer if your operating system securities settings are not up to mark or you do not follow safe Internet surfing practices.  At times you may receive email stating that the passwords of your account have been changed and it requires you to click on the attachment in order to obtain the new login credentials.

Ø  Macro viruses

This virus is written in a macro language and is a great threat for business software programs and suites that are in the same language. The office suits of the similar software program are more prone to the infection of Macro viruses.

Ø  Cavity viruses

Cavity virus hides within in the files of computer in a manner that total file size does not change. It is very difficult to detect such viruses as they are capable of easily hiding themselves. They create lots of trouble with out letting the user know the real cause of it.

Ø  Memory resident viruses

As the name suggest these types of viruses infect the memory of your computer.

Ø  Polymorphic viruses

Polymorphic viruses are very difficult to detect it creates fully- functional copies of itself and keep on multiplying at a great pace.

Ø  Metamorphic viruses

A metamorphic virus reprograms themselves every time it replicates and has capability of writing itself back to normal code.

Ø Boot sector viruses

As the name suggests the Boot sector viruses infects the boot sector of hard disk. If your system is infected with such viruses then it is very difficult to get rid of them.

Ø  Facebook viruses

Many hackers have been targeting the social networking users specially the facebook users. Ones your PC is infected from such viruses they can easily steal your banking passwords as well as other valuable information.

These dangerous computer viruses seriously infect your computer by replicating themselves. These programs can infect your system's RAM. Even if you regularly update your anti-virus software it does not ensure that your computer is free from the threat of viruses.

There are many computer support service providers that provide virus troubleshooting services. There are many service providers that have been catering satisfactory service to its customers all over the world. They provide round the clock assistance at a very nominal price.

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Most dangerous computer Viruses

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This article was published on 2010/12/29