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It is indeed true that we can get viruses and malware from unreliable sites. These viruses would work gradually in destroying the files in our system. If you have a reliable virus detection software, you can keep your computer safe from such malicious attacks. However, do you know that there is a recent virus that your antivirus would not determine at all? It is called the Google Search Redirect Virus.


It was not so long ago since I first noticed that my Google search redirects to other sites. I just noticed that my searches would often bring me to irrelevant sites that would open a lot of pop-up windows and contain advertisements everywhere. It was really an annoying experience because I wanted to get the results I want in a flash; instead, it took so much time for me to finally get through the information that I need. One of my techie friends told me that what I am experiencing is actually a virus. It looks harmless at first; but just like any other virus, it contains malicious codes that change our Windows files.


The Google Redirect Virus hijacks our Google browser and makes us miss the searches we make. This is the reason why I suddenly lost control over my search results and would be taken instead to random sites that contain more viruses. Not only that, I was also disabled from changing some of my browser configurations. My homepage was changed and I couldn't modify it. My browser also started blocking virus removal websites.


Before, I am not aware of what's happening but I found out later that this kind of virus can be caught from screen savers, MP3s, videos and other stuffs that we download from the net. Some sites may look legitimate but the truth is they contain malicious codes that were meant to bring chaos to our system with an approach that looks innocent. Good thing I was able to get a Redirect Virus Removal Program that eventually took away all traces of this virus in my browser.

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Answer To Why Does My Google Search Redirects To Other Sites

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This article was published on 2010/12/18